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Pure, pristine water from the Mount Simon-Hinckley Aquifer is back on tap (but BYOG!*) —

Introducing The Drink from Urban Organics

ST. PAUL, Minn. —Pristine and unpolluted, the water from the Mount Simon-Hinckley Aquifer was a neighborhood secret around St. Paul’s West Seventh Street Schmidt brewery for years. Now it’s back.

The Drink, the new name for this ancient, pure, clear, refreshing and glacial water, is on tap again for those who wish to make a pilgrimage to the source. Bring your own gallon containers to 888 West 7th Street, St. Paul, Minn., where The Drink is available from vending machines with cash, credit, or Apple Pay — 24 hours a day, for just $1 a gallon.

Urban Organics, the indoor farm based in St. Paul at two sites, including the former Schmidt Brewery, uses aquaponics to grow fish and fresh organic vegetables in a closed loop system. Urban Organics has upgraded the existing water dispensing system, renamed the water, and now invites those interested in fresh, untreated, naturally safe water to swing by and take home a true taste of the North – just as area residents have done for decades.

The Mount Simon-Hinckley aquifer extends south from the Twin Cities and underpins the southeast corner of the state. It’s the deepest of the six aquifers accessible on the Schmidt site, and by far the oldest—the water was here when woolly mammoths roamed the area — before humans migrated to North America.

Proceeds from The Drink will help Urban Organics spread the word about the role of aquaponics in water conservation and security, and to expand the use of aquaponic farming locally, nationally and internationally to grow greens and fish sustainably, year-round.

“At Urban Organics, we have a passion for health and innovation — like producing lean protein, vitamin-rich leafy greens and herbs within an urban environment,” said Dave Haider, co-founder, Urban Organics. “Now we’re glad to extend that by sharing this pristine, natural drinking water. In the middle of the city, we’re able to connect people with a remarkable source of fresh water— direct from the 30,000-year-old aquifer — that customers can bottle and take home.”

“In many parts of the world water shortages mean food shortages. But aquaponic facilities like Urban Organics provide fresh greens and fish year-round, yet use only about two percent of the water that a comparably sized conventional agriculture operation would use,” added Haider. “With The Drink, we hope to shine a light on being good stewards of our planet’s water supply.”

The Drink will partner with restaurants across the Twin Cities to offer the water along with greens and fish from the Urban Organics farm. The water comes from the aquifer via a 1,100-foot deep well — once known as Well No. 6 — on the 888 West Seventh Street side of the building, but was closed to public access in the 1990s. Several neighborhood fans recently worked with the developer of new ventures at the Schmidt Brewery to get the water flowing again. Now with Urban Organics at the helm, The Drink is poised to become a genuine regional landmark.

Urban Organics, the indoor aquaponic farm providing hyperlocal, sustainable, year-round fish and USDA certified organic greens to the Twin Cities, is the steward of The Drink. Founded in St. Paul’s historic Hamm’s brewery, and opening in the historic St. Paul Schmidt Brewery in May, Urban Organics has been featured in numerous national media outlets and has been highlighted by The Guardian as one of the most innovative urban farm projects in the world. To learn more, visit and

*Bring Your Own Gallon


888 West Seventh St, Saint Paul, Minnesota
(651) 451-5921

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